Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Or so I'm told by Canada's flakiest political party. Colour me unsurprised that this party has earned the support of a heavyweight like David Kilgour, who endorsed it in the House of Commons. Actually, that must have been a big deal for them, as it's probably the closest they'll ever come to having a Member of Parliament represent them.

Honestly, what's with the lefties in this country? As if the Greens aren't siphoning enough pro-environment votes away from the NDP. Haven't they learned what happens when splinter parties become too successful?

Perhaps I should not be so quick to make fun of this fledgling party. But it's just so much fun. Here's a brief outline of their "spiritual values":

"The domain of "Mammon" seeks to substitute values of social ethics, in favour of its own bleak order. The pursuit of Mammon seeks to destroy nature, as it enslaves humanity, in order to satiate its pursuit of "material prosperity", and power, that it can never fully satisfy."

A hilarious testament to what the religious left would look like if one actually existed.


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