Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Maybe I spoke too soon. (It's cool, right? *nervous laughter*)

Conservatives - 35.8%
Liberals - 29.6%
NDP - 19.4%
Bloc - 11.6%
Greens - 3.4%

That's quite the reversal of the established trends. It's not a Liberal victory, but it allows room for recovery, and maybe a bare win if the trend keeps up.


At 1/17/2006 9:41 a.m., Blogger ToryHitman said...

That's the Ekos poll. Ispos-Reid and CTV/Globe and Mail still have the Tories ahead by 12 points. I wonder if Ekos sent people out again to confirm their numbers like they did when the Tories first surged ahead. Keep dreaming.

At 1/17/2006 11:10 a.m., Blogger Jason Hickman said...

Here is the story from the Star.

It is a closure of the gap from EKOS's previous poll, but we'll need to see if it's a rogue poll or not.

However, and not to rain on your parade too much, I found this a bit interesting:

What's more, Adams points out, if you count the pool of 1,200 voters EKOS polled over the last two nights the news is even better for the Liberals: They trail by just five points using those numbers.

Seems like good news for Team Martin, right? But hang on: what that means is, the Libs had a good day two days ago, and a less-good day yesterday, since their #'s drop a bit when the second day's numbers are looked at on their own.

Oh, what the hell. I hope this does give the Tories a bit of a push to work harder and not coast for the last few days.

At 1/17/2006 4:47 p.m., Blogger RJL said...

The Liberals are too late. Martin's plea for a "coalition" is going to fall on deaf ears.

They had a good run...


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