Monday, November 06, 2006

Why "The Daily Show" is funnier than "Saturday Night Live"

According to the San Francisco Gate:

"It has been interesting for the past two years how Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show" are both light years funnier than anyone on "Saturday Night Live" and any skit you could even remember as a comparison. This year, Stephen Colbert and "The Colbert Report" were added to that list of topical shows funnier and more relevant than "SNL." But even if you haven't consciously acknowledged the comedic shift, think about this: Politics is funnier than pop culture these days, and that truth is driving the aforementioned truism about "The Daily Show" versus "SNL." For some time now, "SNL" hasn't had anyone who could really nail politics, be it sketch form or on "Weekend Update."

How much more material do you need beyond the Rev. Ted Haggard, meth, gay massage and megachurches? The jokes write themselves. "SNL" has also been asleep at the laptop on the Iraq war issue, never establishing itself as the go-to place for war jokes. Talk about your quagmire. We should all be ashamed that our national political situation isn't far easier fare for most comics and that what we're left with is asinine pop culture references that were only funny a few minutes after they happened on YouTube."

I have to agree. SNL has been pretty lacklustre for quite some time.


At 11/06/2006 6:26 p.m., Anonymous Anth said...

SNL is too predictable these days, I've hardly watched it. Now Jon and Stephen keep you on your toes . . . well only if you've tied yourself to the roof . . .


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