Monday, October 22, 2007

Stewart, Colbert, and the zeitgeist

I've been thinking along the same lines for several months now.


At 10/22/2007 4:01 p.m., Anonymous Manuel said...

It looks like dion is about to be lynched in your banner.....wait...maybe that was the plan all along....

At 9/24/2008 9:42 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper says he is a leader but….

The Past

When the country faced a national unity crisis in the 1990s, Stephen Harper sat on the sidelines and advocated building a ‘firewall’ around Alberta. Is that leadership?

Stephen Harper says there is a ‘culture of defeatism’ in Atlantic Canada. Is that leadership?

The Election

Stephen Harper campaigned for a fixed election dates, wrote the law, passed the law, decided he was above the law and called an election. Is that leadership?

He told CTV the day before the election: “I don't see any reason to go personal and nasty against the other leaders." But his operatives at Tory headquarters had been running personal attack ads against of his main political opponent for over a year. Is that leadership?

He said his campaign should not be ‘belittling’ others. Yet as he said those words, his own party’s website was streaming ultra partisan, mocking ads of his main political opponent. Is that leadership?

Harper’s Record

He said he didn’t believe in appointing Senators and that Cabinet Ministers had to be elected. Yet one of his first acts in office was appointing Michael Fortier a Senator and a Cabinet Minister. Is that leadership?

Stephen Harper promised a government of accountability. Who knew he meant accountable only to himself. He has ruled his one man-government with an iron first for nearly 1000 days. Is that leadership?

Stephen Harper we know bullies every one in his path - Cabinet Ministers, MPs, Parliament, Premiers and even the press gallery - brinksmanship over statesmanship. Is that leadership?

Stephen Harper wants Canadians to think he is a compassionate conservative. But in his first year in office he cut funding to the Status of Women department, removed gender equity from its mandate, and cancelled the Court Challenges program. Is that leadership?

He cancelled a national child care program that had been signed off by every province and in the country. Is that leadership?

Stephen Harper promised not to tax income trusts and then imposed a massive tax on them, costing Canadians $25 billion in the process. Is that leadership?

Stephen Harper promised to preserve the Atlantic Accord if elected. But after he won, a number of Provinces said he broke his promise on equalization. What did he say - ‘sue me’. Is that leadership?


Stephen Harper claims to be a leader on climate change. But he used to call Kyoto a ‘left wing scourge’ and rejected the science of climate change until he took office. Is that leadership?

Stephen Harper then discovered Canadians care about the environment, so he hired Environment Minister #1 Rona Ambrose, and wrote his first climate change plan. Both failed so he dumped them both. Then he hired Environment Minister #2, John Baird and wrote yet another plan – both have also been rejected by every group and expert – yet he still claims he has a real plan. Is that leadership?


The Prime Minister’s took office saying the mission in Afghanistan would continue with no end in sight. He called those who disagreed with him "traitors." Is that leadership?

When allegations began over mistreatment of Afghan prisoners, Stephen Harper said the Opposition cared more for Taliban prisoners than Canadian soldiers. Is that leadership?

When the Opposition pushed for a fixed end date to the mission, Stephen Harper threatened the Opposition with confidence votes - support me or else. Is that leadership?

With this election underway, the Prime Minister agrees with Liberals on ending the mission in 2011. Why is it the closer the election gets, the more Stephen Harper abandons his original policy on of Afghanistan. Is that leadership?


He defended his party’s ‘In and Out’ election ad spending scheme even when Elections Canada ruled it was not legal. Is that leadership?

He ordered his Party to sue Elections Canada because he disagreed with them. Then he claimed the RCMP raid on Conservative headquarters was irrelevant. Is that leadership?

He made sure Conservatives did not show up at the House of Commons to testify about the scandal and called an election just before Conservatives were forced by Parliament to appear. Is that leadership?

He sued the Liberal Party to stop them talking about the Cadman Affair even though his voice was on the tape talking about financial considerations for Mr. Cadman’s vote. Is that leadership?


Stephen Harper says the economy is strong and he is in charge. The next day he says, if the economy is suffering it’s only because of international events. Is that leadership?

Stephen Harper inherited a government 13 years of surpluses and a $20 billion surplus from the Liberals and mismanaged it into near deficit in 2 and a half years. Is that leadership?

Stephen Harper has overseen the loss of 400,000 manufacturing jobs and blamed it on everyone but himself. Is that leadership?

His first Industry Minister told many Canadian businesses the Conservative Government would not provide financial support any longer. Then as soon as the election looked close, the Government suddenly changed its mind and began supporting these sectors. Is that leadership?


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