Saturday, September 03, 2005

The GG Fiasco

Like many Canadians, I have been extremely disturbed by the Michaelle Jean affair. Throughout the entire adventure, from the time when the allegations were just unfounded rumours, through the uncertainty, and now when any reasonable person would be forced to admit that these rumours perhaps aren't all that unfounded, one journalist has been persistant in his questioning of Jean's appointment and his skepticism towards her half-hearted denunciation of the separatist "movement". Like him, I remain unconvinced that Michaelle Jean is fit to be Canada's head of state. Leaving aside the fact that she is completely unqualified on political grounds, she is absolutely unqualified on national unity grounds.

The journalist to whom I am referring is Andrew Coyne, who has written several pieces on Jean's appointment. Coyne is one of my favourite journalists, and I've been nothing less than impressed with his committment to this story. His points that merely "not being a separatist" is not what ought to qualify one to be Governor General, and that there shouldn't even be a shadow of a doubt as to the vice-regal's loyalties, are very astute and, I feel, completely correct. Being Governor General is not a right, it is a privilege. Michaelle Jean does not have a right to be Canada's head of state, and supporters of her appointment should stop pretending like it's somehow "aiding the separatists," or "unpatriotic" or whatever other bunk they've come out with, to question her qualifications. This is the person who is supposed to represent Canada, in whom we place the trust of being Canada personified. The fact that there's even a legitimate question as to her loyalties is proof positive that she is not fit to be our head of state.


At 9/04/2005 4:03 p.m., Blogger bijoux55 said...

I am a survivivor of a FLQ bomb that blew out the windows on my home when I was a kid. No Hurricane Katrina but bad enough for me. I have posted unrelentingly on this issue and I have written my Member of Parliment Steven Owen and Paul Martin himself begging that this appointment of Michaelle Jean be rescinded. Remember the FLQ murdered innocent Canadians, kidnapped the British Consul and assassinated the Honorable Pierre Laporte, member of the Quebec Cabinet. They garrotted him with his own religious medialion chain and dumped his body in the trunk of a Montreal taxicab.

We used to call people like her and her husband traitors. I look at her and I feel a stab of betrayal of pain in my heart. I do not want five years of that feeling.

We have thousands of Canadians above reproach who could fill this position which could be very important. The GG assents to legistions such as the War Measures Act, he/she can dissolve a minority government...or not. All the more reason for someone like Paul Martin to have a weak, unqualified and beholden person whose loyalty is in question, in that position. Don't give up the fight to have the GG positon appointed to a qualifed person, or better still, elected.

At 9/11/2005 3:40 p.m., Blogger bijoux55 said...

I have written my MP Stephen Owen and Paul Martin asking Martin to rescind his appointment immediately. I have not received the courtesy of a response from either of them.

I am starting a letter writing campaign today and I intend to write every MP and Senator asking that this appointment be rescinded. Seeing her and that Lafond with their smug faces makes me feel like I have just been bombed again or stabbed n the heart by my Prime Minister. Please use your blog to get Jean's appointment rescinded and to have the post of Governor General become an elected position. I have the gravest fear for the survival of Canada as we know it if these two take over Rideau Hall.

Paul Martin has surely sold his soul to the devil.


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