Friday, March 24, 2006

Let them eat cake

I'm not the first person who called Barbara Bush "Marie Antoinette." I think the first person I heard use the phrase was Bill Maher, and also Andrew Sullivan. (Maher went a bit further and appropriately called her a "bitch" on his show.) You may remember Bush saying that the poor black people of New Orleans should be happy that Katrina hit because now they're better off than they were before.

To add injury to insult, she's made a "charitable" donation to Katrina relief... but she's earmarked it to ensure that it can only be used to buy educational equipment from Neil Bush's (AKA her son's) software company.

You gotta hand it to 'em, this Bush family really knows their cronyism. Between Halliburton, the Saudi dictators and their own family, is there any amount they wouldn't spend to say "Screw you"?


At 3/26/2006 4:46 p.m., Blogger Parliamentary Sex Therapist said...

The President and the other Bush children don't jokingly refer to their Mom as "The Enforcer" for nothing.

She is definitely trouble with a capital "T" if someone in the family misbehaves.


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