Sunday, March 12, 2006

We'll take Campbell, too

So I'm reading CG's comments section, 'cause I do that a lot - interesting people post there, after all. And I come across this:

We Conservatives are happy Brison is not in the Conservative Party of Canada. The old PC's may as well have been Liberals and now we are focussed on creating a REAL Conservative Party in this country. God riddance to Joe Who too. And Maureen McTeer, they were always closet Liberals.
I believe in traditional marriage, MAN + WOMAN.
I believe in letting parents decide how to raise their children, not the state.
I am happy Liberals have Brison since he provides living proof of what Trudeau and his Charter have done to this country.

And we're happy to have him, especially as an example of what Trudeau and his Charter have done to this country. We now live in a country where an openly gay man has a realistic shot at becoming prime minister. This typically anonymous conservative may hate that idea - but that really proves the point that Trudeau and the Charter have made this country better: people like him/her are now reminiscent in the general public of the racists of the American south. So go Scott!

And for the record, I'd certainly be in favour of Joe Clark and Maureen McTeer joining the Liberals - I was always a big fan of Clark's.


At 3/12/2006 4:02 p.m., Blogger Miles Lunn said...

If I were a Conservative I would be very disappointed that Scott Brison left. His positions on ACOA, EI, and health care could hardly be considered Liberal or left wing. If anything I see him as a libertarian rather than a Liberal or Conservative. Off course many of the so-cons from the Reform/Alliance believe you cannot be a true Conservative unless you blindly follow the right wing ideology, which is why they lost four elections in a row and is why I left as well. In fact Harper only won this time since he figured out those ideas were never sell therefore didn't run on them even though he probably still wishes he could implement them. Anyways I've always respected Joe Clark as a man of great integrity so I would happily take him to, but I suspect being over 65, he is quite content to retire from politics. His wife Maureen McTeer is actually pretty left leaning, she did support David Orchard for PC leader. Had she not married Joe Clark, I highly doubt she would have joined the PCs.

At 3/12/2006 4:23 p.m., Blogger s.b. said...

The Liberal Party of today would probably be the best fit for both of them. Both Mr. Clark and Ms. Mcteer are worthy of respect and admiration and an invitation to join. I can't imagine Joe Clarke voting against the Charter, which some sitting MP Liberals have done.


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