Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kennedy resigns

Gerard Kennedy has resigned as Member of Provincial Parliament for Parkdale--High Park.

If he doesn't win the leadership, I wonder if he's going to run in the 2007 federal, or provincial election? Either way he's a lock to win, it's just a question of which cabinet/shadow cabinet he wants to be in... he's certainly guaranteed a juicy spot in the federal cabinet if the Libs get in, but could it possibly be better than being one of the most powerful of McGuinty's inner circle?

Intuitively, one suspects that he'd run federally in hopes of making another leadership run in the future. However, if he doesn't win the federal leadership, he could always plan on going for the provincial leadership once McGuinty resigns, and given his increased profile and his near-win last time, he'd have a pretty good chance of becoming Premier of Ontario.

Hmm... that would be a nice decision to have to make, eh?


At 5/18/2006 2:52 p.m., Blogger Dan McKenzie said...

He's going to run federally.

At 5/18/2006 3:54 p.m., Blogger Zac said...

He will run against Peggy Nash in Parkdale-High Park I bet.

We can take that riding back. The only question is where will Rae run? Perhaps against Layton? but not likely.

At 5/18/2006 4:12 p.m., Blogger calgarygrit said...

Yeah, given that he stole Parkdale from the NDP once before, one imagines he'd be a lock to beat Nash (Peggy...if Steve ran, he might have a tough time...) there next election.

At 5/18/2006 5:44 p.m., Blogger Clear Grit said...

Ooh, Rae v. Layton would be an interesting match. I'd love to see Jack get taken down by his own former leader. Or maybe Rae could take out Chow?

Of course, they're both so capable that it'd be a real shame to have them run and lose.

At 5/19/2006 2:54 a.m., Blogger Miles Lunn said...

I think he will run federally in Parkdale-High Park. At least that pretty much guarantees the riding will return to the Liberals (although surprises do happen). After all Tony Clement lost his seat both provincially and federally after running for the leadership although Brampton West wasn't even close in 2000 and provincially the 905 belt almost always backs the winner.

Bob Rae will probably run in one of the neighbouring Liberal ridings. I think his old provincial riding was York South-Weston, so all he has to do is convince Alan Tonks to step aside. I cannot see him going out to the 905 belt to knock off one of the Connies since he was pretty unpopular as premier in that region.

At 5/19/2006 8:26 p.m., Blogger Liberal Fortunes said...

I think Kennedy would prefer to run in a safer seat. Say, oh the rest of Toronto.

Where will Rae run, not Parkdale. West-End ridings have a history of violence. I mean it.

And I would dare him to run in the Riverdale area. Why did JAck win his seat in 2004? He had 1700 volunteers get out the vote. ( NDP in Riverdale first introduced get out the vote here in Canada.)

Don't forget, Decima did a poll that found of all the candiates, NDP supporters were least supportive of Bob Rae.

At 5/19/2006 8:27 p.m., Blogger Liberal Fortunes said...

Oh, and Oliva Chow had 1000 volunteers in 2006, just to get out the vote. So I would dare Bob Rae to go there.

At 5/21/2006 2:43 a.m., Blogger Miles Lunn said...

There is also Toronto Centre, which is a very safe Liberal riding contrary to what Liberal fortunes says. Considering Bill Graham is 67, this might be his last term, although I don't know. Often interim leaders don't run again, but we will see. I hope he does stay on though.

My preference would be to see them run in Scarborough Southwest (Tom Wappel's riding) and Pickering-Scarborough East (Dan McTeague's riding). I am sure Blue Grit would agree too that these LINOs need to go.

At 5/23/2006 12:46 p.m., Anonymous Manitoba Liberal said...

Since the NDP are more a nusicence than a threat to government I want star candidates like Rae and Kennedy to beat a CONSERVATIVE and take back one of their ridings for the Liberals.

Kennedy can run in Winnipeg or Edmonton and win a Tory seat, and Rae....ummm....he might be able to knock off a Tory in Quebec or something.


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