Monday, November 06, 2006

Democracy triumphs 16 years later

In 1990, the United States engineered the fall of the Sandanista government of Nicaragua. The Sandanistas were democratically elected by the people of Nicaragua. However, because they were not willing to capitulate to US trade policy, the United States backed anti-Sandanista guerillas known as the Contras, of Iran-Contra fame. They also imposed trade embargos against Nicaragua in an attempt to coerce the people of the country to vote President Daneil Ortega out of power. It was a bitter, and close, election. The will of the people was not expressed, it was coerced. Nicaragua is but one of many Latin American countries in which the United States has toppled left-leaning, democratic regimes.

16 years later, Ortega seems poised to return to power. 16 years later, democracy finally wins.


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