Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lord's Future

Bernard Lord's career in provincial politics is over at the tender age of 41. Obviously, he's still got a good 2o to 30 years to devote to politics. The fact that he has twice been scouted to run for leadership of the federal Conservatives probably bodes well for his future success; on the other hand, provincial politicians have a dismal record as leaders of federal parties. Add to that the fact that Lord lost the last election, and before that barely held on to his majority (by one seat), and Lord's stock just isn't as high as it was two or four years ago. A run in federal politics is almost certain for Lord - a former premier retiring at age 41? I don't think so - but he may have missed the boat.

He could probably have been annointed federal PC leader in 2003, and he is one of the only people in Canada who could have beaten Stephen Harper for the Conservative leadership in 2004. Now? He'll have a harder time of it. If he runs for the federal Conservative leadership next time around (which is still very likely) he will have a harder time winning. He'll still have a decent chance of course - let's not overestimate the talent in the Conservative party; Lord could well be the best they can do - but the cold hard fact is: he lost. The once-untouchable Bernard Lord is now damaged goods.


At 12/14/2006 10:43 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you think that Mr. Harper may some plans for him, it may not be conincidence that Mr. Lord stepped down at this time, on another post someone was speaking about how Mr. Harper was looking at a cabinet shufle, what would prevent Mr. Harper from repeating what he did with the cannot remember his, but a day or so after the last election he appointed him to the senate and then brought him into his cabinet.
The quality of the people that Mr. Harper who have been badnished to the back bench, or for that matter any other elected progressive member is very slim pickings.
Mr. Harper may be so desperate to find a way to get Mr. Lord on board. He thinks that he got away with that move the first time, what can you say of any leader like Mr. Harper who thinks that senate reform means asking Canadians to invest all that time get to know the senate volunteer candidate, voting for them, so they can short listed, and then what? He will consider them for appoitment, using what criteria, if you a progressive you get to be on top of the list. I do believe that Mr. Harper will go to any lenghts to get total power for himself. I for one will continue to enjoy my Christmas holiday with my family and friend, and I will pick my topic for discussion, rest up and bring on the election. I am ready in both official languages.

At 12/15/2006 2:13 a.m., Blogger lance said...

Heh, just about everyone in the CPC caucus has lost before, including the Prime Minister.

Lord could win a NB seat for the CPC without much issue. Whether that would translate into anything else other than a cabinet post is questionable.



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