Monday, March 26, 2007

The paint on the walls is drying

And it looks to be a very, very pale shade of red. It's hard to see how Charest can hang on as premier after a result like this, though he did hang onto his riding, so he could continue on if he wanted to. Boisclair is probably gone. Dumont is, of course, the real winner tonight. He is right where he needs to be - he is in a position to prove to Quebeckers that he is ready for power. The time between now and the next election, for Dumont, will be about proving to Quebeckers that he is ready to govern - we'll see whether he is up to the task, Dumont being a populist (more so than a right-winger, as he is often portrayed), it was a victory for the people of Quebec, who were apparently tired of the two establishment parties.

The only thing that could really shake things up at this point is if Boisclair decides he can stomach Dumont as premier over Charest, and throws his support to the ADQ. But that seems the least likely possibility at this point. Still, this election has been a huge surprise to everyone, so stranger things have happened.



At 3/27/2007 12:05 a.m., Blogger SUZANNE said...

Charest will stay on because there's no obvious successor in the Liberals. It was the same problem when Daniel Johnson stepped down. The party itself lacks charismatic figures. That's why they had to go get Charest. It seems that after 4 years or so, it's the same problem.

Dumont, by Quebec standards, is very right-wing. It remains to be seen whether he will deliver with his program. Governments get elected based on being one side of the spectrum, then pander to the other side.


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