Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Well, we know that ONE of 'em is going...

Either Paul Martin or Stephen Harper will likely not face an election as leader after this one.

In a recent SES poll, it would appear as if former NB premier Frank McKenna is the choice to lead the Liberals, where deputy leader Peter MacKay is favoured for the Conservatives.

This is old news, but what strikes me as interesting is that McKenna leads in all areas of the country - except Ontario. In Ontario, former NDP premier Bob Rae is favoured.

What? Bob Rae!? Something's not right here. Either people don't hate Bob Rae as much as they say they do, history has softened impressions of him, or else Ontarians would just rather vote for an Ontario man than a New Brunswick one. That doesn't make sense to me, of course, since Ontarians have voted for Quebeckers for most of the past three decades.

Interesting indeed...


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