Saturday, February 18, 2006

Extremist Watch, Part 5

Oh no, it's not over yet. Moscow's first gay pride parade has been cancelled. The culprit? Threats of violence from the religion of peace. And no, it wasn't from some random extremist on the street:

"Earlier this week Chief Mufti Talgat Tadzhuddin warned that Russia's Muslims would stage violent protests if the march went ahead. "If they come out on to the streets anyway they should be flogged. Any normal person would do that - Muslims and Orthodox Christians alike ... [The protests] might be even more intense than protests abroad against those controversial cartoons."

The cleric said the Koran taught that homosexuals should be killed because their lifestyle spells the extinction of the human race and said that gays had no human rights."

Now, it is important to point out that the Russian Orthodox church also has its head up its homophobic ass, and has compared homosexuality to leprosy, calling the parade "propaganda of sin." However, they issued no threats of violence in an effort to stop the parade.

Moving right along...

15000 Muslims protested in London. It was a largely peaceful demonstration of moderate Muslims. Got that? These are mainstream moderates. How do they suggest the rift between the west and moderate Islam be healed?

"Their freedom of speech should be restricted because it hurts our religion."

I've gotta say, assuming it is possible to hurt a non-physical abstraction, your religion is pretty pathetic if it's possible to hurt it by publishing some cartoons.

Oh, and here's another gem from the same march:

"During the march, the crowd was separated by gender, with men in the front and women behind."

Remember - these are the non-violent ones.

Moving on...

A Pakistani cleric has offered a $1 million bounty for the head of one of the infidels responsible for the cartoons. Wanna make a quick million? Just kill somebody in the name of the religion of peace!

""Whoever has done this despicable and shameful act, he has challenged the honor of Muslims. Whoever will kill this cursed man, he will get $1 million from the association of the jewelers bazaar, 1 million rupees ($16,700) from Masjid Mohabat Khan and 500,000 rupees ($8,350) and a car from Jamia Ashrafia as a reward," Qureshi told about 1,000 people outside the mosque after Friday prayers.

"This is a unanimous decision of by all imams (prayer leaders) of Islam that whoever insults the prophets deserves to be killed and whoever will take this insulting man to his end, will get this prize."

Personally, I'd be scared if I was one of the twelve people who dared exercise his freedom of speech right now. Of course, the irony of someone being murdered in the name of Islam for calling Islam violent is probably lost on these guys...

Finally, a group of Israelis has launched a contest asking people to produce the most viciously anti-Semitic cartoons possible.

Eyal Zusman (30, back from anonymity) and Amitai Sandy (29), graphic artist and publisher of Dimona Comix Publishing, from Tel-Aviv, Israel, have followed the unfolding of the “Muhammad cartoon-gate” events in amazement, until finally they came up with the right answer to all this insanity - and so they announced today the launch of a new anti-Semitic cartoons contest - this time drawn by Jews themselves!

“We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!” said Sandy “No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”

And that, my friends, is the difference between the Islamic World and the West.

Now - can people please stop telling me, "It's just a few bad apples", "All religions have extremists", and "We need to be more sensitive"?


At 2/18/2006 4:55 p.m., Blogger late said...

Well said.

At 2/18/2006 9:37 p.m., Blogger Ottawa Liberal said...

since when did this blog become anti-Islamic blog?

At 2/19/2006 12:33 a.m., Blogger Clear Grit said...


I write about current events. I can only work with what they give me. You'll notice several other positions advocated on this blog including but not limited to anti-conservative, pro-Liberal, anti-religious, and pro-freedom. I'd say "anti-Islamic" fits into three of those categories.


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