Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Beyond Insanity

According to this hack, the overriding, ultimate goal of the as-yet undefined and unnamed and intangible "liberal elite" of Canada is to completely destroy the institution of marriage.

Yes, that's right. For years, they've been plotting and planning. This huge conspiracy goes back decades - first they got them to remove homosexuality from the criminal code. Then they made it illegal to fire gays simply for being gay. Then they allowed gay people to participate in marriage. The next logical step after this integration is - what else? - the total destruction of the very institution in which those hapless gays wanted to be included! Wow! It all makes so much sense now! I never realized how we gullible fools were being used.

There is apparently a conspiracy of muslim fundamentalists, gays, mormons and, worst of all, liberals whose ultimate end is and has always been to eliminate marriage.

Now, full disclosure, if marriage were "redefined out of existence", as Kurtz puts it, I wouldn't really give a damn, I've never really been a fan. However, that piece reads like the ravings of an escaped mental patient screaming on a street corner through a bullhorn about the end of the world. Somehow, he's able to take a Justice department report suggesting the decriminalization of pologamy, and through some of the most creative conjecture and narrative I've seen in a while, turn it into a huge conspiracy to forever destroy Canada as we know it.

The worst part is that he's an American. Sorry, Stan, but we don't want your culture war, you can keep it. We have no need for imagined organizations like the "liberal elite" (that buzzword boogeyman American Republicans have invented to run against at election time), nor do we need these insane conspiracy theories. I'm certain the only reason his editor decided to print that piece is because said editor also knows dick-all about Canada and Canadians, and just assumed that Kurtz was right about us.

Geez, Americans certainly have taken an interest in us lately. Unfortunately, the only ones who seem to have noticed us are neo-conservative whackjobs with an ax to grind. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that their good buddy is now the prime minister?


At 2/07/2006 11:35 a.m., Blogger Kalyrn said...

I wonder if this nut bar even knows where Canada is. I also have to wonder why he would suddenly care about this?


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