Thursday, June 22, 2006

A couple of quickies

First, try out this quiz. See if you can tell the difference between things said by Ann Coulter and things said by Adolf Hitler. Personally, I got 14 out of 14, but that's just because I'm so familiar with the particular smell of Ann's bile that I can smell it a mile away. Try it out for yourself.

Also, Progressive Right has written a post on the same article I wrote on earlier about the imposition of morality.

Oh, and also, vote in the leadership poll! Current results have Brison winning with 50.7% over Dion, with 49.3%. Rae's the third-place candidate, topping out at 28.1%; Dion has a narrow lead over Brison on every ballot until the final one, when Brison just barely takes it.


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