Monday, July 17, 2006

Belinda's ideas (2)

For those of you curious to read Belinda's proposals unfiltered by the media, she has a (non-MP) website set up at where you can read them for yourself.

She also made herself available through the Globe and Mail's website and took questions from readers. You can find this here. Give it a read, she doesn't just give one-sentence answers.

I'll admit, I never really took Stronach that seriously, but I'm starting to take another look now. If she keeps this up - concentrating on issues and policy as opposed to her public image - she may be able to convince people that she's more than "complex files" and "a bigger economic pie." Truthfully, I was indifferent towards her before, but now I'm glad she's a Liberal.

And agree or disagree with her proposals, that's quite irrelevant as far as her relevance goes. What she's doing is making herself relevant by raising issues, taking a clear stand on them, and discussing them and talking about them, with party members and with the general public. And for anyone who is inclined towards democracy, you have to agree that such activity is admirable.


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