Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Original (Only) Stockaholic Just a Bigot (Surprise, Surprise)

Why is Ezra Levant making such a stink about Dion's dual-citizenship? Here's why. It's not the dual-citizenship thing that bothers him, it's the French part. Given how much those on the far-right tend to hate France and everything to do with it, is this any real surprise?


At 12/06/2006 10:28 p.m., Blogger wilson61 said...

Ezra's latest column:
''Quebec, he promised (Dion), will only have to bear 7% of Canada's pain to implement the pact (Kyoto).

Quebec makes up 24% of Canada's population, but it is guaranteed 33% of the seats on the Supreme Court. Quebec receives 45% of Canada's equalization payments. Fully 62% of the Liberal MPs from Quebec are cabinet ministers or parliamentary secretaries. The Canadian prime minister has come from Quebec for 96% of the last 37 years and 100% of the last 12 years.

But when it comes to lifting the load, well that's another story. That's why Dion announced -- in Quebec and in French of course -- that Alberta and Saskatchewan would be picking up most of the tab on Kyoto.''

At 12/10/2006 8:11 p.m., Blogger Miles Lunn said...

I think Ezra Levant is a complete jackass and I believe his opposition is bigoted. However, those who are opposed to dual citizenship of PMs regardless of country, I have no problem with, I do however have a problem with those who have a problem with dual citizenship from some countries, but not others. In the case of Jack Layton and Pat Martin, I suspect they would react the same if it were British rather than French.

For me, what matters is does Dion have dual loyalties or not. Based on his career, I am positive his 100% loyal to Canada and no one else, his French citizenship is more out of respect for his mom than anything. As long as his loyalty is 100% to Canada it is not an issue.

That being said, I would make an issue if it were Canadian/American citizenship since due to the amount of trade we have with them and how pretty much everything they do effects us, I think it would undermine our ability to decided independently on each issue whether we should support the US or not.


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