Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Some feedback on the GG

This comment was posted after my Governor General post. Says it all, I think:

I am a survivivor of a FLQ bomb that blew out the windows on my home when I was a kid. No Hurricane Katrina but bad enough for me. I have posted unrelentingly on this issue and I have written my Member of Parliment Steven Owen and Paul Martin himself begging that this appointment of Michaelle Jean be rescinded. Remember the FLQ murdered innocent Canadians, kidnapped the British Consul and assassinated the Honorable Pierre Laporte, member of the Quebec Cabinet. They garrotted him with his own religious medialion chain and dumped his body in the trunk of a Montreal taxicab.

We used to call people like her and her husband traitors. I look at her and I feel a stab of betrayal of pain in my heart. I do not want five years of that feeling.

We have thousands of Canadians above reproach who could fill this position which could be very important. The GG assents to legistions such as the War Measures Act, he/she can dissolve a minority government...or not. All the more reason for someone like Paul Martin to have a weak, unqualified and beholden person whose loyalty is in question, in that position. Don't give up the fight to have the GG positon appointed to a qualifed person, or better still, elected.


At 9/07/2005 10:48 p.m., Blogger Scott Tribe said...

This particular user has been spamming Progressive BLogger sites who have been defending Jean's appointment or who are at least thinking the whole thing is being overblown with the same message over and over again.


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