Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Liberal Leadership (Unofficially) Underway

Liberal Vijay Sappani has some great info about potential leadership hopefuls. He seems to brush off Manley, which I personally wouldn't - he already implied on CBC's election night coverage last night that he'd be interested in a bid, and I think he'd be a strong candidate. However, if people want to move past the Chretien-Martin/Trudeau-Turner feuds that have been dividing the party since the 1980's and earlier, it may be best to pick someone who is obviously not associated with either camp, and Manley is clearly in the Chretien wing.

McKenna is obviously a strong candidate - personally, though, I think he's benefited from a lot of media hype and an entire lack of any public scrutiny. As ambassador, it is impossible to scrutinize him too harshly because he's "our man" in Washington, but if he runs for leader, he'll have to resign that post, and subject him to the critical eye of pundits and bloggers - then we'll see if he really has the mettle of a prime minister. Just don't put all your money on him yet.


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