Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Conservative angst - Mutiny?

Mutiny, eh? Not likely. Some Conservatives in Quebec are uppity about Stephen Harper's leadership. And it's hard to blame them - the guy is hardly the man to be leading that party. They ought to have someone who better reflects the Conservatives' views on social issues, like Jason Kenney or Stockwell Day.

Nevertheless, the media is blowing this way out of proportion. Simply put, if three failed Liberal candidates who garnered collectively less than 20000 votes started calling for Paul Martin's resignation, no one would take them seriously. And no one should take this seriously. The media has been continually unfair with Conservative party inner-workings, trying to find some kind of fault line. Talk of all the resignations and firings in Harper's office? Well, that's politics. Martin's office has taken resignations and handed out firings too, but it doesn't get repported. Also, the party supposedly ready to fall apart at the convention? Overblown hyperbole.

Does this point to some kind fo full-blown liberal media conspiracy? Absolutely not; I still maintain that people who cry about the "liberal media" are just babies who can't take losing. But the media is being unfair to the Conservatives, and that has everything to do with what they can sell. Fault-lines within the Liberal Party, you say? That would never sell - the party has an uncanny ability to stick together, even when the two most important men in the party hate each other. (see: Martin--Chretien wars.) The Conservatives, on the other hand, have a history of in-fighting, and the Canadian right spent a decade apart from each other because of it, in two competing parties. So people are more willing to buy "Conservative Party collapsing", because that has happened before. About a decade ago. Remember?


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