Saturday, September 10, 2005

More bullshite from Faux News

As if Bill O'Reilly calling Canada stingy for not giving enough aid was not enough of an insult - when in fact Canadian aid was there before American - another Faux News commentator, John Gibson, asked Ambassador Frank McKenna whether or not the aid was a deliberate attempt by the left-wing Martin government to embarass the Bush administration.

There's so many things wrong with that.

First of all, of course it wasn't; such a question is inappropriate, ungrateful and downright paranoid.

Second, George Bush has done a good enough job embarassing himself, he doesn't need Paul Martin to do it for him.

Third, isn't it the job of the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT to protect the AMERICAN PEOPLE? Instead of crying foul over the fact that Canada sent aid in so soon, shouldn't they be outraged at the fact that the Bush administartion DIDN'T? Ah, but that's Faux New for you - always fair and balanced.

It really shows the level of neuroticism that exists within the American right, and this station in particular. Remember, these are the people who say that the media is left-wing. They view everyone who doesn't agree completely with their orthodoxy with suspicion, or even outright hatred. One needs to look no further than O'Reilly's insult and Gibson's petty international demagogery to see just how deluded they are.

Well, look at the language they use when describing their OWN people. Ann Coulter labels all liberals as traitors to the country. A Congressman calls comedian Bill Maher (a favourite of mine) a traitor for daring to make a joke about the low recruitment levels in the military. (Well, Congressman, that's Mr. Maher's job. YOUR job is to actually DO something about the problem - that's what you're being paid to do.)


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