Friday, September 09, 2005

Speaking of CG...

...he's made apparent his dislike of the Liberal Youth Wing's new proposal to limit federal election public funding based on how many ridings a party runs candidates in. He sees it as a deliberate attack on the Bloc Quebecois. Personally, I do see the wisdom in this proposal. As it stands now, the Bloc gets a heck of a lot of money from federal coffers - the irony of the federal government sponsoring a separatist party should not be lost on anyone - and it only has to spend that money in one place - Quebec. They don't have to worry about spreading the money out across the country, they simply concentrate it in one province. Of course, I suppose the counter-argument could go that that's what the Liberals do anyway. They don't campaign actively out west because they know it's a lost cause, just like the Tories don't sink all of their money into Quebec because, come on, let's be serious, Quebec will vote Conservative when Jean Chretien returns to politics. Quite the conundrum indeed... I'm not precisely sure where I stand on it.


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