Friday, September 09, 2005

Gay marriage in California

Conservative Ryan Sager has written up a good article about the Governator's decision to terminate same-sex marriage in California. After the Senate and the Assembly passed same-sex marriage legislation, Ahnuld said that he would terminate it. What does this all mean? Sager gives us a very insightful analysis. Here's the essence of the article:

"Yet it's crystal clear where public opinion is headed, both in California and nationwide. The younger the demographic polled, the more support is found for gay marriage and civil unions.

Really, what gay marriage opponents are looking to do is write anti-gay provisions into as many state constitutions as possible -- and maybe even into the federal Constitution -- before the people invested in the so-called "defense of marriage" all die off."

What he's saying is that, quite simply, gay marriage is inevitable. It's not a matter of whether or not it will be legalized - it will - but rather, a matter of "when." It's already legal in the northern half of North America. And it's making headway in the south.


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