Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In belated honour of pride week...

The right-wing blogosphere is always a good read. Conservatives there are much more willing to express views that they wouldn't express in public, or for cameras (most unfortunately).

I'm just gonna let these speak for themselves, with no comment from myself:

All that's apparently missing is a float from NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association. That's the organization of homosexual pedophiles that has a goal of getting adult male to boy sex made legal.

Yeah, that's how far homosexuality has come in degeneration.

How many of us think that back, oh say, thirty years ago, when homosexuals claimed they just wanted societal tolerance and to not have consenting adult homosexual sex illegal, the rest of society would have expected it to degenerate to what we have today?

Homosexual "marriage"; homosexual adoption; affirmative action for homosexuals; homosexual "diversity" bureaucrats on public payrolls...and anyone expressing any moral or religious objections is immediately shouted down as "homophobic". (Which is really just an ad hominem attack, as the LAST thing homosexual activists want is to have to engage in an intelligent, dispassionate public debate and discourse on all this.)

That's what you call an incremental agenda, the extreme left's favorite tool to get the formerly illegal, aberrant and unacceptable to become legal, "normal" and acceptable. With those objecting to be made the objects of derision and marginalization.

NDP homosexual activist Svend Robinson has publicly advocated for a 12 years old Age of Consent. What do you think Svend & Friends had in mind for those 12 year olds?


It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for everyone to keep in mind that the gay collective isn't about sexuality any more, it's become just another socialist front.


This is the key to understanding the mental illness that is modern liberalism: it is never about what it is alleged to be about.


Iggy is now a gay dhimmi.


yes, all this talk about pride day brings back a special memory....about 10 years ago my kids and I (3 daughters) were enjoying what is called the teddy bears picnic...we were enjoying our pancakes, when all of a sudden we hear these whistles, pots banging and bad music...when i looked up and saw the pride parade ending at the teddy bears picnic..i almost peuked...instead, i grabbed my kids and made a run for it.....unbelievable....


I lived in downtown Toronto for 15 years, and am soooooo glad that I'm not there anymore, especially during the week from hell.

Someone was surprised that there was a teacher's float??? Well, there are lots of gay teachers in the system, and there's a unit on "families - diverse" (can't remember the correct name used for it) that is taught in the primary grades. There's a gay agenda going on....oh yes there is...this is more of a political/social agenda that equal rights.


It has changed from the love that dare not speak its name to the love that won't shut up.


The Mounties are a Canadian icon being co-oped by gays for their own perverted purpose.


Iggy should research what happened to Joe Clark after being in the gay parade in Calgary. He just lost what few votes he may have got in the west, and maybe gained some in Vancouver. Is he married, I have never seen or heard about a wife. Maybe he is also a closet gay. (For the record, Iggy's wife's name is Zsuzsanna.)


But here in Toronto, we had 8 shootings- two by cops- in the past two days. None of that was connected with gay pride..........


I mean really, where else will you find the bull dykes consorting with the faeries, the pre and post op transgendered swapping spit freely, the catchers given equal footing with the pitchers, the bus depot washroom crowd celebrated for spreading the word and the elder statesmen from NAMBLA volunteering their time to give guidance to the youth.


What's wrong with putting children under the care and supervision of male homosexuals you wonder? Where were you during the scandals in Christian Brothers schools, the abuse of alter boys and the awful degradation of young inmates by warders in various provincial detention centres? Sure, your daughter is safe, but what about little boys in the class?


Teachers Union??? This explains why the Pedophile teachers rarely get fired and merely lay low for awhile and get relocated at another school to access a whole new stock of children or teens.


Vitruvius,agree completely that it has gone WAY past acceptance and is now an agenda to completely normalize homosexuality.
Openly gay elementary teachers?I'm no prude but why is ANYONE'S sexuality a topic of conversation at an elementary school?How about letting our little kids just be kids for a change,and not a social experiment?
Let's say gay lobbyists dreams come true and male/female becomes completely redundant in relationships and kids are taught in school having 2 moms or dads is A-OK.What will happen to these kids when their hormones go f*cking crazy at puberty.Experimentation will be rampant and what boy or girl won't TRY both camps to try and find themselves?(anyone else here young enough to remember the confusion of those days,even without this added pressure?)
I am thankful my two daughters will make it through high school before the PC police demand everyone accept homosexuality as normal.


It is time to put sodomy back on the books as a crime. You used to get 14 years for it, now you dance in the strets to flaunt it to all the "breeders". Time to send these sickos back to where they belong.


BTW, there is a big difference between heterosexual lust that may attract a adult to a under age person of the opposite gender and the outright sickness of a man that only wants boys and has no desire for any female adult.
The twisted logic used to defend homosexual pedophiles doesn't hold water when you apply it to the prison system, if gay males are believed
to be close to 2% of the population then this means the high homosexual activity in jails makes gays predisposed to crime because the numbers show a 10% gay-sex rate in jail.
Of course the arguement will be that the lonelyness makes the gay , but I thought we settled the debate about being Born that way and you can't Choose to be gay.
Men that enjoy being naked in front of little boys are sick and qualify as pedophiles, even when Mayor Miller and Chief Blair choose to ignore it and tell the world it's a Family event and bring the kids ( fresh meat) . (For the record, "situational homosexuality" inside prisons is a well-established and accepted phenomenon.)


So what's the comment count running at... 120 or thereabouts? Brilliant!! Gay Pride sure as hell must be important.

Really, the most important way some can find to define themselves as sentient beings is their sexual proclivities. (Incidentally, most of these comments are people going apeshit about a harmless parade.)


BTW, NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association is an unabashed booster of sexual relationships between men and boys, long before these boys have reached "the age of consent." If I was the mother of boys, I'd be watching the NAMBLA agenda very carefully and monitoring its appearance in the MSM and in my children's schools. The public system is becoming a champion of GLTB "rights."

What rights would these be?

What about kids' rights to a NAMBLA- and GLTB-free education? What about parents' rights to a real education for their children, not an education laced with socially engineered lifestyles which, BTW, could be injurious to their health, not to mention their life span?

NAMBLA's Web page has a photo of Dr. "Frits Bernard (1920 - 2006)...the esteemed Dutch clinical psychologist, died May 23, 1998 [?????], in his 86th year. He was a courageous activist in the cause of personal liberation and respect for the rights of homosexuals, gays and lesbians, boy-lovers and other oppressed sexual minorities."

I don't know who's more "oppressed": the adult gay, transexual, bisexual males or the boys they want to "love"?


One from a gay Tory (those strange political masochists):

Just have a few comments on gay pride parades. First off, before anyone guesses I'm gay. I'm also a Tory and a solid right wing, pro-death penalty, pro-gun, pro-free trade, end all subsidies, turf the CBC, kind of guy. Yet many of these comments about gays and lesbians and gay pride parades just irk me. They do because they draw out the most idiotic and hurtful comments. People say they don't hate gays but then say "deviant" "perverts" and the age old link and insinuation that gay = pedophile. If you've ever been to gay pride parades and I've been dragged to a couple you'd know the "freaks" as I call them are far and few. The vast, vast bulk of people are fully clothed, normal, etc etc etc.

All these kinds of really nasty comments accomplish one thing - they send gay moderates to the Liberals and god forbid the NDP.

(What he seems to forget is that these people want nothing to do with gay people, don't want them in the Conservative tent, think that they're pedophiles, are ought to be in jail.)

There's far too many to post any more. But you get the general idea. I suppose I'll end with this:

Many consider me a pretty centrist sort of liberal, even centre-right mostly on economic issues. Many friends wonder sometimes why I don't vote for conservatives or the Conservative Party. I think the next time someone asks me that, I'll send the permalink to this discussion thread.


At 6/29/2006 8:00 p.m., Blogger montreal simon said...

Hey Ryan I'm going to have to nominate you for Grand marshall of next year's Gay Pride Parade. For having the fortitude and the stomach to cut and paste all that foul anti-gay stuff. Without throwing up. I did a post on the same subject but it was nothing like this. Well done. The payoff is that once you do it once you never have to do it again. It's always more than enough to convict the homophobes. And the good news for the rest of us? We don't have to wade through all that anti-gay shit to come up with our own list when we need one. We can just borrow yours! Thanks:>)

At 6/29/2006 8:59 p.m., Blogger Clear Grit said...

You're most welcome.

At 7/01/2006 1:55 a.m., Blogger Miles Lunn said...

This is absolutely BS here. Obviously Small Dead Animals knows nothing about homosexuality and has a totally warped view on it. NAMBLA is a pedophile organization, not a gay organization. Pedophilia and homosexuality are two totally different things. Sex between two consenting adults regardless of sex is perfectly acceptable, whereas sex with a minor below the age of consent by an adult is inappropriate. The reality is these people are bigots and they combine pedophilia and homosexuality to justify their bigotry.

At 7/02/2006 12:17 a.m., Anonymous GayandRight said...

Good selection of outrageous comments. Don't see what they have to do with the Conservative Party of Canada though.

BTW, did Svend Robinson really advocate a 12-year-old age of consent?


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