Thursday, June 29, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

Remember when getting involved in another country's electoral politics was a faux pas? Ralph Klein certainly doesn't. And I remember conservatives bitching about Michael Moore coming up here and getting involved in our politics...


At 6/29/2006 10:27 p.m., Blogger Scott said...

I think there's a big difference between Klein trying to convince the Americans to do business with Alberta and Michael Moore just trying to stir up shit. Klein at least knows his facts - Michael Moore thinks Torontonians don't lock their doors at night.

Having said that, it is improper for any head of state to openly endorse a party in another country. And, having said that, the Conservatives who tried to criminally charge Moore for endorsing the anti-Conservative vote were morons.

At 6/29/2006 11:35 p.m., Blogger OttawaCon said...

On the other hand, I wonder if Cheney has been adequately briefed on Ralph Klein? This really is another nail in the coffin of the GOP.

Better name for the blog, btw.

At 7/01/2006 1:45 a.m., Blogger Miles Lunn said...

I am okay with Ralph Klein trying to promote business in Alberta in the US, but he shouldn't be endorsing anyone party. He is definitely pushing the envelope. Interestingly enough I cannot imagine he is a hard-core Republican. Despite the fact he likes to talk like a right winger, I should point out up until the mid 80s, he was a federal Liberal and switched only after Don Getty persuaded him to run provincially.

At 7/01/2006 2:19 p.m., Blogger william fudger said...

Scott said "and Michael Moore just trying to stir up shit".

Is there a more typical neocon rethug mindless repetitious drone than that.

At 7/02/2006 12:11 a.m., Anonymous GayandRight said...

Did Klein really call Alberta Canada's only "red" state?

Although Alberta is undoubtedly the most Conservative (big-C) province in the country, it is hardly the most conservative.

Most polling data I have ever heard of report that social conservative views are mostly widely held in Atlantic Canada, not Alberta, and that Albertans have some of the lowest rates of attendance at places of religious worship in the country.

I know that Liberals like to compare Canadian Conservatives to US Republicans - this rhetoric is to be expected from a party of liars and thieves. But Ralph Klein should really know his own province better than to essentially compare it to Alabama or Tennessee.

At 7/04/2006 3:22 p.m., Blogger Scott said...

Re: "Is there a more typical neocon rethug mindless repetitious drone than that."

I contend that Michael Moore doesn't know as much about Canada as he thinks he does. By "stirring up shit" I meant vis a vis his stance on Canadian politics and the Conservative party which, in many ways, resemble his beloved Democrats.

By resorting to a personal attack on me and by labelling me as a "neocon", you identify yourself as a hysterical anti-conservative. Congratulations.


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